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20 ft. Rapco HZV Series Cable Female XLR to Male 1/4", Pin 2 Hot (HZV-20)

20 ft. Rapco HZV Series Cable Female XLR to Male 1/4 Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $31.00
This is a 20 foot, high-impedance microphone cable (XLR-1/4" connectors) which allows you to plug a standard harmonica mic (with pin 2 "hot") directly into a harmonica amp, guitar amplifier or PA system. 15 ft. and 25 ft. lengths are available too. Please email us for info.

*Please note that the XLR end of this cord has pin 2 as the "hot" pin and will work with the Shaker Harmonica Mics and most high-impedance microphones with an XLR connector. It will not work with a Hohner Blues Blaster mic.

Some other harmonica microphones, such as the Hohner Blues Blaster, require a similar XLR cable, but with pin 3 being "hot" which we also have available. Email us for more info.

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