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NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Shaker Harp Mic | Crystal Element XLR (SCXLR)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Shaker Harp Mic | Crystal Element XLR (SCXLR) Quantity in Cart: None
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Total List Price: $109.95       You Save: $20.00

This tiny, handbuilt mic mimics the sound of traditional, bulky crystal mics beloved by harp players. Its diminutive size lets you easily cup the mic and it reproduces wah-wah effects beautifully. The handy detented volume knob lets you roam free from your amp control panel or independently set your own level when playing through a PA. Equipped with an XLR connector (see note below).

*Please note that the XLR end of this microphone has pin 2 as the "hot" pin. It will require a high-impedance XLR to 1/4" phono jack cable with correct pinning in order to work with a standard amplifier or PA system.

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