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Seydel Blues Session Standard Harmonica (10201-)

Seydel Blues Session Standard Harmonica (10201-) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $41.59

Many Octave Low or High Keys are
Special Order Items.
Please allow 2-4 Weeks Delivery Time.

Diatonic blues type harmonica with plastic comb and stainless steel covers - available in many keys from LD (Low "D") to HA (High "A").

Dave Gage Review: The tuning, sound, and playability is good on this plastic-combed Session Standard, but not quite as nice as the (more expensive) Seydel 1847 series. In comparison to the Session Steel (10301), the main difference is that this model has standard brass reeds vs. the stainless steel reeds found on the "Session Steel" (listed below). This model is also different in that it has a black plastic comb vs. the orange plastic comb found on the "Session Steel".

This is a good choice for a moderately priced plastic comb diatonic harmonica with standard brass reeds. Lots of good high and low keys to choose from for this model and priced about the same as the Lee Oskar 1910 and the Hohner Special 20 which makes it a good choice for beginners and up.

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