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Seydel Chromatic Harmonica Windsaver Valves (52480300)

Seydel Chromatic Harmonica Windsaver Valves (52480300) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $39.95

These Seydel windsaver valves are a
Special Order Item.
Please allow 2-4 Weeks Delivery Time.

Replacement windsaver valves that will fit all valved Seydel and Hohner chromatic harmonicas. Comes with 11 different sizes, 6 pieces each, 66 windsavers total. Please note that the valves that you receive may not appear exactly as pictured.

Dave Gage Review: If you only need the windsaver valves, this package should last you awhile. If you don't already have the appropriate glue, I use the standard Duco Cement (which comes in a small green squeeze tube and has lasted me a couple of decades). I don't know about today, but Duco Cement is the glue that Hohner used for years and years for attaching windsaver valves.

Please note that these valves will fit Hohner chromatic harmonicas as well as the Seydel chromatics. The 2 companies valves are essentially the same size and quality and thus interchangeable. The Hohner valves seem difficult to stock these days, so these Seydel valves are a good alternative for Hohner chromatic players that need replacement wind saver valves.

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