Seydel Standard Chromatic Harmonica | 12 Holes, 3 Octaves  (50480-C)

Seydel Standard Chromatic Harmonica | 12 Holes, 3 Octaves (50480-C)

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From Seydel: "A Key of "C" Chromatic Harmonica with 12 holes, 48 notes, plastic comb and mouthpiece. The advantage of this model is that they are almost maintenance-free. The airtightness is optimized, however basic airloss can never be totally avoided. They are also good for outdoor playing, because they are not as susceptible to condensation like chromatics that include windsavers, since this chromatic does not come with windsaver valves as found on most chromatic harmonicas."

Dave Gage Thoughts: A good starter chromatic for kids or anyone who just wants to try one out before making a more substantial investment. If you are serious at all about playing chromatic, you are best off starting with a better quality one as found below.

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