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Shaker Dyno Retro Rocket Harmonica Microphone (SRR)

Shaker Dyno Retro Rocket Harmonica Microphone (SRR) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $129.95

List Price: $159.95       You Save: $30.00

From the manufacturer: The NEW Dynamic Retro Rocket is an awesome mic. It has a Dynamic element in it, instead of a crystal cartridge. It still has a smooth rotation volume control, black crinkle powder coat finish with solid pewter grille. This microphone has an XLR Neutrik output connector, wired pin 2 hot.

This mic has it's own unique tonal character, its frequency response only extends to approximately 6,500 HZ, which imparts a very warm and rounded tone. The XLR connector facilitates use in a microphone clip, positioning it for quick retrieval.  The Dyno Retro Rocket was designed to run directly into guitar and harp amps.  For those demanding a very high output microphone, this can be achieved by simply using a line matching transformer, which makes it an extremely high output unit. Either way it sounds phenomenal!

* Please note that this mic used to be made with a crystal cartridge, but is no longer available from the manufacturer. This dynamic cartridge model is the only version we carry now.

Our Thoughts: The small size makes it the perfect blues mic for those that want a "bullet" mic look, but find the bullet mics too big and clumsy. This mic is somewhat feedback sensitive as all hand-held microphones are, but no more so than a typical dynamic element mic. With good breathing and tone control from your amplifier, it's still possible to over-drive this mic for a distorted blues sound. This microphone has an an XLR Neutrik output connector, wired pin 2 hot.

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