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Lee Oskar Soft Pouch Case | Holds 7 Harmonicas (LOHP)

Lee Oskar Soft Pouch Case | Holds 7 Harmonicas (LOHP) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $24.95

The Lee Oskar Harmonica Soft Pouch case is a zippered harmonica carry case that will hold up to 7 diatonic harps. Each harmonica is held in place by an elastic strap. It's great for those with a small collection of diatonics. Harmonicas are not included with this case, but if you'd like the case with harmonicas, see our Package Deals page.

  6 Pack Lee Oskar Other Harmonica Keys and Pouch (LOHP-1910s)

Price: $269.95

  6 Pack Lee Oskar Popular Harmonica Keys and Pouch (LOHP-1910s)

Price: $274.50

  Lee Oskar Harmonica Pack | Choose Any 5 Keys (PD-1910-5)

Price: $219.00

  Harmonica Holder by Hohner | 10-hole diatonics only (HH01)

Price: $19.95

  Video Harmonica Lesson (one-on-one with Dave Gage of HarmonicaLessons.com)

Price: $45.00

  Harmonica Belt by Hohner | Holds 6 Harmonicas (HB6)

Price: $29.95

  Suzuki Manji Diatonic Harmonicas - Set of 7 Manjis, Case (M20S)

Price: $425.00

  Seydel Soft Harmonica Case for 14 Harps (910000)

Price: $27.00

  Seydel Firmcover Case (for 20 harmonicas with shoulder strap) - 920000b

Price: $74.95

  Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonicas | 7 Harps and Case (PBH7)

Price: $41.00