NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Lee Oskar Harmonicas Quick Start Kit (1910QSGU)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Lee Oskar Harmonicas Quick Start Kit (1910QSGU)

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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | "Explore a world of musical possibilities with the Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit for Guitar and Ukulele! Audiences always cheer when musicians and singer-songwriters play harmonica along with their guitar or another instrument. Though it might take some work to master playing two instruments at the same time, it's easier than you might think to get started."

The Quick Start Kit includes:
  • C Major Diatonic Harmonica
  • G Melody Maker Harmonica
  • Am Natural Minor Harmonica
  • Am Harmonic Minor Harmonica
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Harmonica Holder
  • 16-Page Quick Start Booklet

Dave Gage Thoughts: This package deal is advertised for guitar and ukulele players, but any keyboard, piano, or bass player will love it. The kit and accompanying "16-page Quick Start Booklet" will allow you to begin using the harmonica with the included harmonica neck rack almost immediately for live gigs and jams. This package includes all 4 tunings of the Lee Oskar diatonic harmonicas. The different tunings make it easier to play melodies that might normally be quite difficult on a standard harmonica without being a technical and/or music theory wiz.

This Quick Start Kit is truly designed for musicians other than pro harmonica players who are interested in adding harmonica to their band sound and bag of tricks. You don't have to be an expert harmonica player to start playing 1st Position melodies, simple 2nd Position blues, and play in minor keys in a short amount of time. If the harmonic possibilities get you excited, you can always pick up any of these harmonica tunings in which ever keys you need to play in. (See links below.)

The easy-to-follow instruction booklet will get you jamming right away. For additional harmonica instruction, tips, lessons, and explanations of harmonica terms and concepts like 1st and 2nd Position, visit our sister-website,