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NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Korg Chromatic Tuner | Works with Harmonicas (CA1)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Korg Chromatic Tuner | Works with Harmonicas (CA1) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $0.00
The model has been discontinued

List Price: $32.00      You Save: $12.05

This compact little chromatic tuner has calibration, auto, and manual modes. It features a built in mic, sharp/flat/in tune LEDs, note and frequency displays. Great for diatonic or chromatic harmonicas, guitars, horns, keyboards... anything. This CA-1 model has replaced the older Korg CA-30 model.

Our Thoughts: For you advanced crazies that actually want to tune or re-tune your harmonicas. Not all electronic tuners "hear" harmonica notes well, this one does. Also, a great aid in learning how to bend- watch to see how much the note drops in pitch. Don't forget the Lee Oskar Repair and Maintenance Kit (see link below) and keep your harps playing in tune.

  Harmonica Store Super Beginner Package (PD-HLSS)

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  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Lee Oskar Harmonica Repair and Maintenance Kit (LOTK)

Price: $0.00

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Price: $28.99

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Price: $45.00

  Harmonica Neck Rack | Hohner (HH154)

Price: $25.95

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner MS Replacement Reed Plates (RP565)

Price: $0.00

  The Harp Handbook | Diatonic Harmonica Book-CD (223747)

Price: $29.95

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Mini 5-Watt Harmonica/Guitar Amp (Orange)

Price: $0.00

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Seiko Chromatic Tuner (SAT501)

Price: $0.00

  Snark Tuner Metronome (SN4)

Price: $24.99