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NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Shaker Mic for Harmonica | with attached mic cable (WSB)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Shaker Mic for Harmonica | with attached mic cable (WSB) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $0.00
The model has been discontinued.

The WSB has been designed to be the most affordable, crystal microphone voiced specifically for harmonica that Shaker has ever made. It is a darn good bluesharp tool, hard wired with a 10 foot cable and 1/4" plug. It's a great beginner or back up mic that's easy on the wallet, yet gives professional performance and awesome tone, along with great feedback rejection.Why is this mic so inexpensive? Well first, there's no volume control, but who needs it, you have one of those on your amp, right?

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Blues Blaster Hohner Harmonica Mic and Cable (1490)

Price: $0.00

  5 Pack Hohner Blues Harp MS and Case (532CASE)

Price: $200.00

  Centerstream Sourcebook of Little Walter-Big Walter Licks for Blues Harmonica Book-CD (231488)

Price: $22.95

  Harmonica Belt by Hohner | Holds 6 Harmonicas (HB6)

Price: $29.95

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Shaker Crystal Hand Made Harmonica Microphone 1/4" Jack (SC1/4)

Price: $0.00

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Shaker Harp Mic | Crystal Element XLR (SCXLR)

Price: $0.00

  Shaker Dynamic Harp Microphone 1/4" (SD1/4)

Price: $79.95

  Shaker Mad Cat Harp Mic 1/4" (SMC)

Price: $129.95

  Pignose Hog 20 Watt Amp | with Rechargeable Battery (7-200)

Price: $149.95

  Pignose Hog 10 Practice Amp | with Headphone Jack (7-100)

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