NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner Hoodoo Hand Wireless Harmonica Mic System (HH1L)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner Hoodoo Hand Wireless Harmonica Mic System (HH1L)

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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | The world's first value-oriented wireless wireless microphone system designed just for harmonica and harp players! No more cord to trip over on stage.

The Hoodoo Ring Microphone is a tiny Lavalier mic that's been tweaked to produce the low-fi, overdriven sound most blues harp players crave, while still being capable of producing relatively clean output when the music or your style requires it. The mic nestles in a clip with two finger holes that slip over your middle and ring fingers. Hohner includes two clips with different finger hole diameters to fit a wide range of finger sizes. The beauty of the design becomes obvious the moment you begin playing. Because it's easy to create a tight seal between your hands and mouth, your sound has all the punch and dynamics you could hope for.

The dual-diversity UHF-band receiver has both 1/4" and balanced XLR outputs so you can send your signal to either an amp or the PA. The front panel has a convenient rotary volume knob for fast on-stage adjustments and indicators for power, normal and peak signal levels, and lights that indicate which antenna is in use.

Specificatons and Features:
  • "Hoodoo ring" mic clip allows for perfect mic placement and freedom of hand motion!

  • High-Quality micro-lavalier microphone designed specifically for harmonica!

  • UHF Dual-diversity receiver ensures great reception.

  • Front-mount volume control for ease of adjustment in live applications

  • Powered by 2 AA batteries

  • Rechargeable battery pack

  • Bodypack dimensions: 2-5/8"W x 3-5/16"H x 7/8"D

  • Operates at 630.200MHz

  • 1/4" unbalanced output

  • XLR balanced output

  • Indicator lights for power, antenna, normal and peak signal

  • Includes: molded case, accessory pouch, 48" 1/4" cable, dual antennas, AC adapter.
"No cables to trip over, clean or dirty sound, the capability of great hand effects�a harmonica player's dream."