Hohner Rocket Harmonicas |  Amazing Tone, Volume, Comfort (M2013-)

Hohner Rocket Harmonicas | Amazing Tone, Volume, Comfort (M2013-)

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Product Description

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"The Rocket represents a new breakthrough in diatonic harmonica design. The ergonomically designed comb has rounded sides and edges for maximum comfort. Wide open cover plates and channel design enhance pressure to ensure maximum loudness. The Rocket allows players to express a powerful, dynamic sound."

  • Number of holes: 10
  • Reeds: 20 brass
  • Cover surface: stainless steel
  • Reed plates: 0,9 mm brass
  • Includes a Soft Zippered Carry Case
  • Comb: ABS plastic, Grey
  • Length: 10 cm
Dave Gage Thoughts: This harmonica is like a cross between a Hohner Special 20 and a Lee Oskar Major harmonica. It has larger holes like the Lee Oskar comb, but has the same reeds and reed plates as the Special 20. The volume and power are good and it's not quite as bright sounding as the Hohner Crossover with the bamboo comb (link below). Great for pros and beginners alike.