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NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner XB-40 Extreme Bending Harp (1101C)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner XB-40 Extreme Bending Harp (1101C) Quantity in Cart: None
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This unique diatonic XB40 harmonica, capable of playing chromatically, was designed by Rick Epping and offers the player complete bending freedom with all 10 holes, blow and draw, capable of bending down to a complete whole-step. Precision engineered and manufactured under the highest quality standards, the Hohner XB-40's revolutionary design permits a level of expression and note bending capability never before possible on any harmonica.

Our Thoughts: The XB-40 body size is about the same as a #260 10-hole chromatic. Open-minded diatonic and chromatic players should give this harmonica a try. It's not for everyone, but in many ways, it's the best of both worlds for playing chromatically without the need for overblows on diatonics.

*Please note: NOT a standard 10-hole diatonic.

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