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The Harp Handbook | Diatonic Harmonica Book-CD (223747)

The Harp Handbook | Diatonic Harmonica Book-CD (223747) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $29.95

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A complete handbook on the harp (or blues harmonica). Begin with training exercises while learning about the history of the harmonica, as well as its construction, techniques, training exercises, styles, tunings and amplifications. Includes an instructional CD. Our Thoughts: A great reference for intermediate and advanced players.

  Harmonica Beginners: Easy How To Play Guide Book | Techniques, Songs, Jamming Tutorial (1113826)

Price: $17.95

  Centerstream Sonny Terry Licks For Blues Harmonica | Book-CD (198010)

Price: $19.95

  Centerstream Sourcebook of Little Walter-Big Walter Licks for Blues Harmonica Book-CD (231488)

Price: $22.95

  Charlie Musselwhite Power Blues Harp | Book-Online Audio Examples (1116489)

Price: $24.95

  Masters of the Blues Harp | Tab Book (238161)

Price: $17.95

  Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp | Advanced Players Book-CD (1008884)

Price: $24.95

  Rock 'N' Blues Harmonica | Gindick Book-CD (230505)

Price: $24.95

  Cross Harp Song Book: Bluesify Your Melody | Book-CD (1023903)

Price: $24.95

  Nady Bushman Torpedo Vocal-Harmonica-Harp Mic (VHM-7)

Price: $99.95

  Norton Buffalo Harmonica Blues Power! | DVD 2-Intermediate (1036423)

Price: $34.95

  John Sebastian Teaches Beginning Blues Harmonica DVD (1008173)

Price: $29.95