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Bob Dylan Pack | Hohner Crossover Harp, Song-Tab Books, Harmonica Holder (M2009C,HH01,176883,204154)

Bob Dylan Pack | Hohner Crossover Harp, Song-Tab Books, Harmonica Holder (M2009C,HH01,176883,204154) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $144.95

List Price: $169.95       You Save: $25.00

The pro-quality Hohner Marine Band Crossover sports a quality laminated, air-tight bamboo Comb (reed plates are fastened to the comb with screws) that creates a great tone and ease of bending for blues, rock, folk, country, hip-hop, or whatever style of music you play. Comes in its own black zippered pouch.

Also included in this package is the tab book, "The Harp Styles of Bob Dylan", which along with lyrics and music, includes his harmonica solos in harmonica tablature (tab); and the song book, "Bob Dylan for Harmonica" which has the vocal melodies to his songs in harmonica tablature and standard music notation. Lastly in the package, a Hohner HH01 harmonica holder so you can sing, play harmonica and guitar all together, a la Bob.

Package Includes:
  • Hohner Crossover Harmonica (key of "C" - M2009C)
  • Harp Styles of Bob Dylan- (Tab Book - 176883)
  • Bob Dylan for Harmonica- (Song Book - 204154)
  • Hohner Harmonica Holder (HH01)

  Harp Styles of Bob Dylan | Harmonica Tab Book (176883)

Price: $24.95

  Bob Dylan for Harmonica | Song Book (204154)

Price: $29.95

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Bob Dylan - the Definitive Dylan Songbook | Fake Book- Voice and Guitar (23620

Price: $0.00

  Hohner Marine Band Crossover | Blues, Country, Rock Harmonica (M2009)

Price: $84.00

  Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonicas | All 12 keys (PD-M2009-12)

Price: $1,046.16

  Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harp | Beginner Harmonica Instruction Book (1113826-M2009C)

Price: $98.95

  6 Pack Hohner Marine Band Crossovers with Case | Popular Harmonica Keys (M2009-6)

Price: $565.51

  Harmonica Neck Rack | Hohner (HH154)

Price: $25.95

  Harmonica Holder - Neck Rack | Lee Oskar (10HH)

Price: $28.99

  Hohner Flex Neck Rack (MZ2010)

Price: $74.95

  Harmonica Holder by Hohner | 10-hole diatonics only (HH01)

Price: $19.95


Price: $0.00