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NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Bob Dylan Signature Harmonica (589C)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Bob Dylan Signature Harmonica (589C) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $0.00

This model has been discontinued by Hohner.

List Price: $148.00      You Save: $29.05

Professional quality wooden-combed diatonic. Key of "C" only. Harmonica manufacturer Hohner and rock/folk/pop legend Bob Dylan have collaborated to create a unique harp.Working hard to achieve the standard that Bob Dylan represents, Hohner used gold-plated MS reed plates on this 20 reed, 4" model to meet the specific sonic requirements. It has a select wood comb and stainless steel covers with Bob Dylan's signature engraved into the top. This exceptional Hohner instrument is presented in a special box with a magnetic clasp that fits both the harp and a special, molded carrying case. The case and the boxfeature a special eyeball/crown design created by Dylan himself.

Dave Gage Thoughts: A very nice harmonica for any Bob Dylan fan. The cover plates are physically similar to the MS Blues Harp (per Bob's request), but include the embossed Dylan signature. The reed plates are gold-plated MS (Modular System) type plates and add an elegant touch for collectors or gift buyers.

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