Lee Oskar Harmonica Pack | Choose Any 5 Keys (no case)

Lee Oskar Harmonica Pack | Choose Any 5 Keys (no case)

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Product Description


Save money and pick any 5 keys of the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic harmonica. Each harmonica comes in it's own case. The cases are inter-lockable for ease of transporting more than one.

Choose from the keys of: "C", "Db", "D", "Eb", "E", "F", "F#", "G", "Ab", "A",
"Bb" and "B".

(If you'd like to mix and match models like the Major or Natural Minor etc., please email us before making your purchase.)

Type into the text field (above the "Add to Cart" button) the 5 keys you would like to buy. You may choose all the same key, all different keys, or any combination.

"The No. 1 HarmonicaLessons.com diatonic harmonica recommendation. You can spend less or even more for a diatonic, but the Lee Oskar Major diatonic is worth it's price for consistent playing volume, tone, and durability. It's airtightness makes it easier to learn to bend on. The Lee Oskar harmonicas also feature the 1st Position and 2nd Position keys printed on the ends of each diatonic for easy reference.