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Harmonica Neck Racks and Holders

Harmonica Neck Rack Holders- If your going to play another instrument like guitar, keyboards, drums, or bass while you play harmonica (a la Bob Dylan and Neil Young), you're going to need one of these.

Buy harmonica holder Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder- Specially designed for any and all standard 10-hole harmonicas. Spring loaded holder for fast harmonica changes. Light-weight and easy to use. Our Thoughts: Although this neck rack is not as solid as some of the others, it may be the best of the bunch. It is made specifically for standard 10-hole diatonics, but there is enough space in the tray so that you are able to slide the harmonica over to the right by about 1 inch for better positioning when playing in the 2nd Position. If you desire to, you are able to bend in the thin metal bars on both sides (in towards your mouth) so that the angle of the harmonica is in a better place to focus the airflow straight through the holes (the sturdier models out there can't be bent this way). Also, the design of the tray holds the harmonica securely but still leaves plenty of room to get the harmonica into your mouth for better tone production.
Buy harmonica holder Hohner Flex Neck Rack- Playing hands-free harmonica in conjunction with other instruments such as guitar or keyboards has never been so easy! The FlexRack is the only product of its kind which can be adjusted so quickly and easily to really suit the individual requirements of the player....
Harp Lock Hands-Free Harmonica Holder Harp Lock Hands-Free Harmonica Holder- Play hands-free without a rack around your neck! Traditional neck worn harmonica holder's tend to slip and move in use. If the harmonica is moving, it's more difficult to play. With HarpLock, the harmonica is securely held in place at the grill of the microphone allowing you to naturally play better....
Hohner HH-154 Harmonica Holder Hohner Harmonica Holder (10-hole diatonics only)- The Hohner HH1 harmonica holder is designed for use with most 10 hole model harmonicas making it smaller and lighter weight than some other models but it still offers a rubberized neck brace and sturdy frame. Double wing nuts are used to lock it in playing position.
Hohner HH-154 Harmonica Holder Hohner Harmonica Holder (HH-154)- Harmonica holder for all the guitar/harmonica playing singers out there (a la Bob Dylan and Neil Young). Spring loaded holder for fast harmonica changes. For harmonicas up to 7.5 inches long. Very sturdy. Our Thoughts: This is designed for harmonicas larger than a standard diatonic like a 12 or 14 hole Marine Band or some of the tremolo-type harmonicas. If you try to use one of these with a regular diatonic, you may not have much luck. They don't fit very well or stay in place. It works fine if you play the larger harmonicas.
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