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Instructional DVDs- As always, we solely recommend the instructional videos that we would use ourselves or suggest to a friend. We simply do not list the numerous redundant and lesser quality products that are also available. If you do not see a product here that you have seen elsewhere, there is probably a good reason for it.

Buy Norton Buffalo video Harmonica Power! (DVD) - "This internationally famous harmonica player's comprehensive course covers the essentials needed for all styles: breathing, tonguing, single-note and chordal playing, bending, vibrato, rhythmic patterns and more. Includes advanced techniques (chord blocking, octave and harmony playing) plus Norton's prescription for harmonica survival. A wealth of information! 90-MIN. Beginner Level."
Buy Norton Buffalo video Harmonica Power 2! (DVD) - "Norton Buffalo details note bending, using octaves, the intricacies of rhythm harmonica, combining breath and hands to create vibrato, and more. Switching on the power, Norton outlines various electric blues styles and discusses the proper use of mics and amps. 80-MIN. * EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL"
Buy John Sebastian video John Sebastian Teaches Blues Harmonica (DVD)- "With special guest Jimmy Vivino, guitar. The former leader of The Lovin' Spoonful teaches all the basics and lays a solid foundation for advanced study in his friendly, jam-along lesson. By the end of this easy-to-follow video, John sits out a few and students take over the harp solos! 80 minutes - includes music - level 1."
Buy overblow video New Directions for Harmonica (DVD)- "Howard Levy teaches how to play chromatically on a diatonic instrument! Harpists will learn how to accurately use bends, overblows and overdraws to play a complete chromatic scale, and be able to play blues, classical, jazz, pop or Latin tunes on their basic ten-hole harmonica. Accompanying booklet includes music and diagrams. 90 minutes. Level 3-4" Our thoughts: Learn to overblow and overdraw by the man who basically invented the technique.
Buy Basic Blues Harmonica Method dvd Basic Blues Harmonica Method (DVD) - DVD format: Region 1 for use in the USA and Canada. As many techniques are much better demonstrated in video format, you will find this video to be a great learning tool. With large charts, diagrams, and many playing examples, nothing is left to the imagination.
Building Harmonica Technique Volume 2 Building Harmonica Technique Volume 1 & 2 (DVD) - DVD format: Region 1 for use in the USA and Canada. Designed to augment level 2 of David Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass Series, this video bridges the gap between what can be studied at home and what can only be learned in private lessons. Fantastic visuals and camera close-ups ensure that even the smallest details are seen. Topics include how to practice, holding the harmonica, memorizing the harp, and several lessons on embouchure, articulation, properties of a bend, draw bend embouchure, articulating the bend, blow bending, over-bends, vibrato types, music theory, 12-bar blues, and soloing scales.
Building Harmonica Technique Volume 3 & 4 Building Harmonica Technique Volume 3 & 4 (DVD)- DVD format: Region 1 for use in the USA and Canada. This DVD portion of Level 3 of David Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass Series includes: 12-bar blues, construction, the IV chord, the V-IV-I transition, turnaround, constructing your solo, soloing blocks, soloing themes, song forms, phrasing, breath balance, breath patterns, scale combinations, soloing positions, tone, and music theory.
Peter Madcat Ruth - The Ins and Outs of Rhythm Harp Peter "Madcat" Ruth - The Ins and Outs of Rhythm Harp (DVD) - Peter Madcat Ruth, 'Harmonica Player of the Year', teaches driving rhythms, percussive sounds and other dynamic back-up techniques that will help any blues harp player get an authentic sound. DVD format: Region 0 for use in all regions. Peter Madcat Ruth teaches driving rhythms, percussive sounds and other dynamic back-up techniques that will help any blues harp player get an authentic sound. Through a series of interactive exercises, he breaks down the complexities of breath control, teaching his own unique system of spoken syllables. 60 minutes.
Chicago Blues instruction video Chicago Blues Harmonica (DVD)- DVD format: Region 0 for use in all regions. Billy Boy Arnold is a good source of historical information about the development of the harmonica in this century. After delivering an informative and entertaining introduction about the instrument he loves, Billy walks and talks you through the important aspects of the styles of both Sonny Boys and the two Walters. Each artist's work is demonstrated by a performance with rhythm section backing and then a clear, concise explanation. Topics covered include playing in first, second and third positions, note bending, trills, back up accompaniment and playing minor blues. Billy shows it all with diatonic and chromatic harmonicas, spicing his musical analysis with anecdotes and gentle humor. A booklet with the main musical examples transcribed combines with the DVD in the definitive method for learning classic Chicago blues harmonica. Our Thoughts: Lite on in-depth instruction, but interesting and entertaining blues harmonica history.
Sonny Terry - Whoopin' The Blues Sonny Terry - Whoopin' The Blues: 1958-1974 (DVD)- Blues harmonica legend Sonny Terry performs 15 of his best-known tunes including: Crazy About You Baby, Buck Dance, Hand Jive, Rock Island Line, My Baby Done Changed the Lock, Sweet Woman Blues, John Henry, Midnight Special, and Poor Man Fighting a Losing Battle. Harmonica tab booklet included. A 55-minute DVD.

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