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Instructional Books- As always, we solely recommend the instructional books that we would use ourselves or suggest to a friend. We simply do not list the numerous redundant and lesser quality products that are also available. If you do not see a product here that you have seen elsewhere, there is probably a good reason for it. We simply will NOT list books that claim you can "learn instantly", "overnight", or "in 1 hour", it just isn't possible or true.

HarmonicaLessons.com presents: Vol.1: Beginners Start Here
"Harmonica Beginners: Easy How To Play Guide Book"- *Tips, Techniques, Lesson Plans, Easy Blues Riffs for Jamming, and 10 Fun & Easy Songs. *Clear, concise explanations for beginners of all ages. *Simple Song Note Tablature -- You don't need to read music to play. *Includes a FREE Trial Membership at HarmonicaLessons.com: Sample 45 hours of lesson video and attend live, online classes for a week. 102 pages, 65 photos; also, free access to website audio song/riff examples.
Our thoughts: A great beginners book to get anyone started playing harmonica.
Buy Gindick book Rock n' Blues Harmonica (book/CD)- A World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Stories, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques and Audio Index for a New Generation of Harp Players (Includes 224 page book and 74 minute stereo CD Jamming Buddy) by Jon Gindick. Rock n' Blues harmonica uses fact, fiction, illustration and notation to teach Music Theory 101, chord progressions, puckering, tongue blocking, octaves, warbles, vibrato, bends, overblows, secrets of great tone, and much more.
Harmonica Lessons.com Harmonica Lessons.com (website instruction)- Our sister-website: 45+ hrs Video Instruction | Attend up to 12 Online Classes Each Month | Beginners thru Advanced -- Learn 24/7 -- Review video lessons as many times as you want. Learn to Jam/Play Blues Harmonica | 190 Most Popular, Requested Songs & Tabs. Click here to Learn More.
Buy Learn To Play: All-American Harp Charlie Musselwhite Power Blues Harp (book/CD)- "This book is designed for those who play diatonic or chromatic harmonica or both. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, each chapter presents a new and distinct learning experience. The chapters may be approached in sequence or in a haphazard fashion, without even completing a given chapter - as long as a particular sequences of exercises is completed within that chapter. All tunes and exercises are shown in both standard notation and harmonica tablature. The enclosed CD contains 84 tracks with audio samples of all the music in the book."
Buy blues harp instruction Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp (book/CD)- A comprehensive lesson and study book for the intermediate and advanced diatonic harmonica player, Classic Chicago Blues Harp presents techniques, progressive examples and accompanying twelve bar blues exercise and examples. Special attention is given to the accurate reading of blues rhythms and each notated tune is carefully marked with tablature indicating precisely where to find individual notes. This book is best suited to the intermediate player rather than the beginner, and will appeal strongly to those with a genuine desire to learn the Chicago blues harmonica style. Most of the exercises and examples are included on the CD with split-tracked back-up music. Each song is played once with harmonica and then without.
Buy Bluegrass Instruction Bluegrass Harmonica : Techniques, Tips, Songs, and Inside Information (book/CD)- Extraordinary harpist Mike Stevens has been named Central Canadian Bluegrass Entertainer of the Year five years in a row. In this book, he teaches all the techniques, tips and inside information you need to know to play bluegrass harmonica. He covers holding the harp, lip pursing, tongue blocking, draw bending, vibrato, attacking the notes, wind chops, and a lot more. The CD features practice tunes for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, including 2 versions of some of the intermediate and advanced tunes, 1 at standard tempo, and 1 slowed down for easier learning." Our thoughts: A good place to get started if you have an interest in bluegrass and country harmonica.
Buy Harp Handbook Check price or purchase The Harp Handbook (book/CD)- "The complete handbook on the harp (harmonica). Begin with training exercises while learning about the history of the harmonica, as well as its construction, techniques, styles, tunings and amplifications. Includes an instructional CD. By Steve Baker." Our thoughts: A great reference for intermediate and advanced players.
Paul Butterfield instruct. video Paul Butterfield - Blues Harmonica Master Class (book / CD)- "Paul Butterfield Teaches Blues Harmonica is part of the Listen and Learn series from Homespun. Paul explains some of his playing techniques that made him famous such as note-bending, tongue-blocking, and tremolo." Our Thoughts: Paul was a great player, but not necessarily known for his teaching abilities. If you are a Butterfield fan and an intermediate player or up, this CD and book will be a lot of fun. If you are a beginner looking to get started, you may be better served by one of our Recommended for Beginners choices.
Buy You Can Teach Yourself Recorder You Can Teach Yourself Recorder- We like this recorder book for those that play chromatic harmonica and would like to learn to read music. The simple songs and notation will get anyone on any chromatic instrument started reading by the notes...
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