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Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Acoustic and Electric Guitars- If you decide to expand into the world of music with an instrument other than the harmonica, here are some good quality choices to consider for yourself or even as a gift for another. If you can get the folks around you playing music also, they won't be so annoyed at your incessant practicing. Oh yeah, if you get 'em going on guitar, you'll have an instant jamming buddy.

Teton Solid Top Dreadnought Teton Solid Top Dreadnought | FREE SHIPPING $35 value! - All Teton Guitars are created with a solid top, 3 ply back/sides (except the all solid STS205), mahogany neck, truss rod, wooden sound hole rosette, rosewood bridge...
Teton Acoustic-Electric Guitar Teton Acoustic-Electric Guitar | Solid Spruce Top | FREE SHIPPING $35 value! - The solid spruce top on this grand auditorium body help the STA150CENT project to the back of the room. This instrument is not only very playable but looks great because of the Rosewood back and sides and maple wood binding. Join those features with the die cast machine heads and....
Teton Acoustic Guitar Teton Acoustic Guitar | FREE SHIPPING $35 value! - The orchestra series is one of the most popular for soloist and fingerstyle players. Flatpick pick players as well will love the mid range focus that this 20 fret guitar offers. The players choice of tone woods include cedar or spruce tops with mahogany back...
Teton Acoustic Guitar Teton Acoustic Solid Cedar Top Dreadnought | FREE SHIPPING $35 value!- The full sound and warm tones you get from the STS105, combined with the matte finish on a solid cedar top and 3-ply mahogany back and sides, have made this our bestselling model. The new 12-string and left handed options make this a must have! The Dreadnought series is the most popular body shape for steel string guitar in the world....
Teton Acoustic Guitar Teton Acoustic Solid Cedar Top (STC110) | FREE SHIPPING $35 value!- The STC110 blends a solid cedar top with ovangkol wood back and sides. The great bright sound of mahogany and the unique wood grain and character of Ovangkol will make you fall in love with this great instrument...
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Lee Oskar Major Diatonic

Marine Band Crossover Bamboo Harmonica

Suzuki Manji Wood/Resin Diatonic

Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica

Seydel Saxony Chromatic Harmonica

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Two 1-on-1 Skype Harmonica Lessons | Instruction Book | Lee Oskar Harmonica Combo

Lee Oskar
Diatonic Harps:
(popular keys)

Suzuki Manji Package
(7 keys/case)

12 keys Lee Oskar Major Harmonicas

Beginner Book:
"Harmonica: Beginners Start Here"
Instruction Book

Private Harmonica Lesson:
1-on-1 w/Dave Gage: 30 Minutes

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