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Others- Additional types of harmonicas are available for special purposes like harmonica trios, groups, or orchestrals. Most of these are made by the Hohner Company, but other companies may carry some as well. This group includes: double-reed harmonicas (octave and tremolo tuned), bass harmonicas, chord harmonicas, Polyphonias, and miniture 4-hole harmonicas. These harmonicas are not recommended for beginners interested in blues and country playing nor useful for most beginning instructional materials.

Hohner 267/384 48 Chord Harmonica Hohner Chord Harmonica- The most versatile chord accompaniment harmonica ever made, Hohner's 23-inch 48 Chord is actually two harmonicas hinged together. The player has access to 48 chords the top unit plays major chords...
Suzuki Pipe Humming Vibrato 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica Suzuki Pipe Humming Vibrato 10-Hole Diatonic Harmonica - The PH-20 Pipe Humming harmonica is the only harp of its kind. The hauntingly beautiful sound of a harmonica vibrato is now as easy as playing the blues. No more struggling to get an air tight seal with your hands....
mini-harmonica Hohner Piccolo Harmonica- Key of "C". A smaller than normal, mid-sized 10 hole diatonic harmonica. Not as small as the mini-harmonica, but not as large as a standard size...
Hohner Double Puck Harmonica (553) Hohner Double Puck Harmonica (553)- A mouth harp popular in the 1920s for its back-to-back petite size harmonicas (each just 2 9/16" long x 7/8" wide). The two conjoined 10-hole diatonics are in the popular key combination of C and G and offer full bodied tone. This model also features genuine gold-plated covers and a plastic body, with 40 total reeds packaged in a glossy red oval gift box.
mini-harmonica Hohner Little Lady Harmonica Key Chain (4 Holes-one octave)- How about a miniature harmonica you can wear on a key chain or on a necklace (the key chain comes with it, you supply the necklace)? This 4 hole, one octave mini-harmonica is quite playable and allows you to play many 1st Position melodies. Key of "C".
mini-harmonica Hohner Little Lady 39C Mini Harmonica- Billed as The World's Smallest Harmonica, the Little Lady is tuned like holes 4-7 on a regular diatonic harmonica. Comes in a hard plastic case so you can keep it clean in your pocket. 4 holes, 8 reeds, wood comb, 1 3/8 inches length.
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