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Octave-Tuned Harmonicas

Octave-Tuned- Octave harmonicas are similar to Tremolo models in reed layout and musical range. Instead of having reeds tuned to the same note, however, each double hole has one reed tuned an octave apart from the other. The resulting sound is stronger and full bodied, but without the tremolo effect. This is the harmonica equivalent of a twelve-string guitar (sort-of). These harmonicas are not recommended for beginners interested in blues and country playing nor useful for most beginning instructional materials.

Buy Hohner Comet 2504 Hohner Comet (Single-sided, octave-tuned) - Available in C major or G major. The unique curved end styling and construction provide extra holding comfort. Moisture proof synthetic body with gold-colored anodized covers...
Buy Hohner Comet 2504 Hohner 105/40 Auto Valve Harmonica - A full concert octave harmonica with windsaving valves, the Auto Valve provides the player with greater volume and blowing ease. Ten double holes and 40 reeds are housed with a...
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