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Low Tuned Diatonic Harmonicas

Low Tuned Diatonic Harmonicas- Sometimes, your higher pitched harmonicas don't work great for rhythm playing or for achieving that big fat low sound. The diatonic harmonicas below are pitched an octave below (or more) than your standard tunings. For instance, an "LD" (or Low D) will be a complete octave below what you would get with a standard tuned "D". Low tunings are great for 2 harmonica player jams so that you each have your own octave to play in.

Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica (Low Keys Available)- Long durability even with heavy duty playing - stainless steel reeds, stainless steel rivets and cover plates
Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica Seydel 1847 Silver Harmonica (Low Keys Available)- The 1847 Silver is a corrosion-free Richter-diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds that impresses by its unprecedented visual appearence but also by new technical features....
Seydel 1847 Noble Harmonica Seydel 1847 Noble Harmonica (Low Keys Available)- The 1847 Noble is an aluminum comb version of the successful 1847 Blues models that feature stainless steel reeds and cover plates.
Buy Suzuki Manji Diatonic Harmonica Suzuki Manji Diatonic Harmonica (Low Keys Available)- Advanced technology and functional beauty are combined in this stunning 10 hole diatonic harmonica, the all-new Suzuki MANJI Harmonica. This revolutionary new diatonic harmonica is named after Mr. Manji Suzuki, the company's founder, now in his mid 80s, but still very much in charge. He started with a single hand-built model 70 years ago, and has built Suzuki up into one of the world's premier harmonica manufacturers. Comes with stainless steel cover plates, Phosphor Bronze Reeds, and Wood/Resin Composite Comb.
Seydel Blues Favorite (15201) Harmonica Seydel Blues Favorite (Low Keys Available)- Diatonic harmonica with translucent anodized aluminium metal comb and high stainless steel covers in 29 keys and many special tunings. Very similar to the Hohner Meisterklasse and Suzuki Promaster.
Seydel Session Steel Harmonica Seydel Session Steel Harmonica (Low Keys Available)- Blues Harmonica with corrosion-free stainless steel reeds, ergonomic covers and plastic comb.
Buy Hohner Pro Harp Hohner 12-hole Marine Band #364 (octave low)- This is not your standard Marine Band harmonica. It is a complete octave lower than the normal 10-hole variety. Although it comes in "C", "D", and "G", stick with the key of "C" (i.e. the key of "G" model is not an octave lower than a standard "G" diatonic—the key of "D" is a special order, but also an octave lower like the "C"). This harmonica was used on occasion by Sonny Boy Williamson II...
Seydel 1847 Noble Harmonica Seydel Blues Solist Pro Harmonica (Low Keys Available)- Diatonic wood comb harmonica with laser cut body, standard brass reeds, and half-flat chrome covers. If you like the Hohner wood-combed models like the Marine Band and/or Blues Harp, give one a try. They are about the same price.
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