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Home Studio Gear: Mixers

Home Studio Gear- Quality hardware and software for making pro recordings and CDs without leaving the house.

Nady CMX16A Mixer Nady CMX16A Mixer- "Offering up to twenty channels (including aux returns) plus two RCA tape inputs, this compact console and rackmountable mixer delivers top performance, full-functioned flexibility, and ultimate value and is ideal for even the most demanding mixing applications. Full frequency response, wide dynamic range and ultra low noise assures natural, transparent sound with maximum headroom." Pro Recommendation: "Best deal in town" Great for live or in the studio.- Michael Hurwitz
Macky 1604-VLZ Pro Mixer -Studio Quality Mixing Board-
Mackie 1604-VLZ PRO Mixer - "Studio quality mixing board. A major upgrade for Mackie's already highly respected mixers! The 1604 improves upon its predecessor with XDR pre-amps that deliver even lower noise and higher headroom (0-60dB gain range, 130dB dynamic range, +22dBu line input handling, and distortion under .005%). They head up all 16 channels, which also feature high-headroom line inputs and channel inserts. Other features include a DC pulse transformer for RF rejection, 60mm long-wearing logarithmic-taper faders, 3-band channel EQ with sweepable mids, phantom power, solo switches, balanced inputs/outputs (all except inserts), four aux sends, four stereo aux returns, eight direct outs. It's a flexible, powerful mixer that can serve equally well in PA rack or studio."
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