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Harmonica Mics (Microphones)

Mics & Amps- Mics (microphones) and amps (amplifiers) are what harmonica players use to be heard when playing with other amplified musicians. Mic and amp setups are also responsible for creating a more distorted and saxaphone-like sound a la the "Chicago Blues" sound. Mics are a very personal choice and will function and sound different depending on what kind of amp you use with it.

Shaker Madcat Harmonica Mic Jack Shaker Madcat Harmonica Mic- The Madcat is a miniature, handmade mic made expressly for the harp player. It cups easily in the hand letting you produce very natural wah-wah sounds while putting the lid on the harp player's biggest enemy--feedback. It's equipped with a volume knob, short 1/4" cable, and comes with an extender jack for connecting a longer instrument cable. This is a great alternative to bulkier, heavier bullet-style mics which doesn't compromise on the filthy tone blues players demand.
Dave Gage Thoughts: A slightly smaller and brighter, with more high end, version of the Mad Dog. The sound is more similar to the blues harmonica mic sound of the past. With good breathing, it's easy to over-drive the mic for a distorted blues sound. Because of the emphasis in the high end range of this mic compared to the Mad Dog, it tends to feedback at a lower volume (which is not much of a problem in the recording studio or if you mic your harmonica amp on-stage).
Shaker Mad Dog Harmonica Microphone Shaker Mad Dog Harmonica Microphone- A second generation Madcat microphone for those who love the ease of using the Madcat, but want a BIGGER bottom end. What does it sound like? The tone is very "Butterfieldish". Definitely unique. Same ergonomic shape as the Madcat, but with a bigger bottom pod. Very technique sensative due to its large diameter dynamic element. This mic has a big bite!
Shaker Retro Rocket Harmonica Microphone Shaker Dyno Retro Rocket Harmonica Microphone- The small size makes it the perfect blues mic for those that want a "bullet" mic look, but find the bullet mics too big and clumsy. This mic is somewhat feedback sensitive as all hand-held microphones are, but no more so than a typical dynamic element mic. With good breathing and tone control from your amplifier, it's still possible to over-drive this mic for a distorted blues sound. This microphone has an an XLR Neutrik output connector, wired pin 2 hot.
Buy Nady VHM-7 Bushman Torpedo Vocal/Harmonica Microphone Nady VHM-7 Bushman Torpedo Vocal/Harmonica Microphone- The VHM-7's cardioid pattern, dynamic cartridge produces the thick, fat tone needed for cupped use with a harmonica as well as extremely smooth, clean vocals. The VHM-7 allows singing harp players the convenience of playing and singing through the same mic without sacrificing sound quality. The chromed aerospace metal casing not only looks retro-cool, it's bullet-proof tough and comfortable to hold. Fluted design allows shaping of wah-wah sounds and altering tone while virtually eliminating feedback. Engraved model number and supplied chromed mic clip complement the mic perfectly.
Shaker Dynamic Handmade Harmonica Mic 1/4 Shaker Dynamic Handmade Harmonica Mic 1/4" Jack- "This tiny, handmade dynamic mic is designed for the harp player seeking huge, fat tone without the bulk and feedback of traditional mics. It cups easily in your hand so that you can produce cool acoustic effects normally limited to players who use a mic on a stand. The built-in, detented volume knob cuts you free from your amp's volume control and the feedback-resistant design lets you get as loud and nasty as you want. Equipped with a 1/4" guitar jack."
Shaker SCXLR Crystal Element Harmonica Microphone Shaker SCXLR Crystal Element Harmonica Microphone- This tiny, handbuilt mic mimics the sound of traditional, bulky crystal mics beloved by harp players. Its diminutive size lets you easily cup the mic and it reproduces wah-wah effects beautifully. The handy detented volume knob lets you roam free from your amp control panel or independently set your own level when playing through a PA. The Crystal Shaker is also very feedback-proof so you can get loud without painful squeals. Equipped with an XLR jack.
Audio Technica Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic (PRO41) Audio Technica Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic (PRO41)- This cardioid dynamic step-up is built to survive the realities of day-to-day use and still produce clear, full-range vocal reproduction every time. Its superior internal shock mounting reduces handling noise. The microphone's cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of the desired sound source.....
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