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Harmonica CDs: Jazz & Classical

-Recommended For Beginning Players- You will see this following a CD description when the CD contains at least a few songs on it that can be played along with on a standard key of "C" diatonic (most likely played in the 2nd Position in the key of "G"). We will also recommend the CD for beginners if the harmonica played on it will be good for "eartraining", that is, simple enough that the new player can begin to copy some of the riffs, sounds, and techniques found on it. All of these CDs are a good introduction to harmonica playing.

Buy McCoy Blues CD Barrett, Bill- "Backbone"- Harmonica whiz Bill Barrett with his electric group (organ, guitar, drums) puts down some serious funk and blues. A master harmonica player, Mr. Barrett is tops!
Buy Bill Evans with Toots Theilmans cd Evans, Bill- (with Toots Thielemans) "Affinity"- "As the title suggests, Bill Evans and Toots Thielemans really do have an affinity for each other's work. Evans's piano and Thielemans's harmonica are mellow and meditative on this CD, capturing many lovely shades of blue. Whether performing an original like "Sno' Peas" or a cover of one of Paul Simon's more obscure songs, "I Do It For Your Love," Evans and Thielemans create the perfect aural backdrop for watching the rain from your living-room window, a good cup of Moka Java or glass of Merlot in hand."
Buy McCoy Greatest Hits CD Thielemans, Toots- "Oscar Peterson Big 6- Montreux Jazz Festival"- Straight ahead jazz from six great players. Jazz harmonica innovator Toots Thielemans does some of his best work on this live album. If you, or someone you know, needs proof that great bebop can be played on the chromatic harmonica, check out this album. It just doesn't get any better.
Buy McCoy Blues CD Wonder, Stevie- "Eivets Rednow"- Eivets Rednow, or Stevie Wonder spelled backwards, is a little-known 1968 instrumental album that features Stevie playing chromatic harmonica. Great tone, great timing, great playing, good price. The overall production is a bit on the "smaltzy" side, but any fans of Stevie's playing will enjoy this album.
Larry Hunter CD Hunter, Richard- The Act of Being Free in One Act- This is one of the most innovative harmonica players to record since Alain Lamontagne (from Quebec) in the 70s."
Buy mini-harmonica Various Artists (compiled by J.J. Milteau)- "Inspiration: 22 Harmonica Performances"- This CD is an absolutely perfect and pleasurable way for one to get acquainted with the various types of music and playing styles that the harmonica is so capable of. "It is a fine, budgeted anthology of the varying heroes of the harmonica. Unlike most such anthologies, the Blues and country music are not all that's here. Most of the big names familiar to hardcore harmonicists, such as pioneers Lou Adler, Borrah Manckevitch, and Deford Bailey are here as well as more recent stalwarts as Little Walter Jacobs, James Cotton, Toots Thielemans, and Stevie Wonder (here performing "Alfie' from the "Eivets Rednow" album). All major harmonica styles are covered here, and it's a good introduction to the musical diversity and possibilities of this once-neglected instrument. Harmonicists will treasure this, and it will be an enjoyable listen to the casual fan."
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