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Bob Dylan Harmonica Books

Bob Dylan- You will note that this page combines listings of Bob Dylan Song and Tab books for harmonica, DVDs, "fake books", and books about his life. The song books through music and/or easy harmonica notation, give you the notes for the melody of a given song. Tabs books may have also have the melody, but usually, just have the notes for the specific harmonica parts and solos in a particular recorded song. For instance, the Bob Dylan songbook has the melody to a song like "Blowing In The Wind", but the tab book would show the harmonica parts that were played on the original recording.

Buy Dylan tab book The Harp Styles of Bob Dylan- (Tab Book) "A Bob Dylan harmonica tab book. With vocal melody, harmonica notation...
Buy Dylan song book Bob Dylan for Harmonica- (Song Book) "Thirty all-time great songs by Bob Dylan arranged for harmonica...Our thoughts: You should note that this book only has the melodies to his songs and does not include the tab for his solos and harmonica parts.
Buy Dylan Songbook Bob Dylan - the Definitive Dylan Songbook- (Fake book for voice and guitar) "The ultimate Dylan songbook features over 329 tunes including all of his greatest hits as well as his lesser-known work...
Buy Bob Dylan Package with Harmonica Bob Dylan Package / Hohner Crossover Harp, Song-Tab Books, Harmonica Holder- Package Includes: Hohner Crossover Harmonica (key of "C"); Harp Styles of Bob Dylan- (Tab Book); Bob Dylan for Harmonica- (Song Book); Hohner Harmonica Holder (HH1). Perfect gift for a Dylan fan or yourself.
Buy Bob Dylan DVD Bob Dylan - Don't Look Back- (DVD) "Shot during Dylan's 1965 British concert tour, Don't Look Back employs an edgy vérité style that was, and is, a snug fit with the artist's own consciously rough-hewn persona...
Buy The Last Waltz The Last Waltz- (DVD- Bob Dylan featured performer) "Martin Scorsese's 1978 movie of the Band is mixed with footage of the group's allegedly last performance (certainly their last performance as a quintet) in this particularly stylish concert film. Scorsese shoots the players and their sundry guests with the same flair...(Click here for VHS)
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