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Misc. Beginning Products- Here are our Number 1 recommendations for those of you just starting out in the world of harmonica and music. But, you certainly can't go wrong with any of these products regardless of your level of expertise.

Buy Black Hardshell Harmonica Case Black Hardshell Harmonica Case | Holds 22 Harmonicas- Black hardshell cover, imitation leather accents with creme piping, plush black interior. Locking latch under the handle. Holds 20 diatonic and 2 chromatic harmonicas. Removable tray...
Buy Lee Oskar Carry Case Lee Oskar Soft Pouch- The Lee Oskar LOHP Harmonica Soft Pouch is a zippered harmonica soft carry case that will hold up to 7 diatonic harmonicas. Each harmonica is held in place by an elastic strap. It's great for those with a small collection of diatonics. Harmonicas are not included with this case, but if you'd like the case and harmonicas, see our Package Deals page.
Buy Hohner Blues Mic with Cable Blues Blaster Harmonica Mic w/ Cable Package- This is one of the standards and favorites of blues harmonica players (especially Chicago Blues stylists). Unlike some of the other microphones available for harmonica players, this mic comes complete with a volume control for better on stage volume control. This mic/cable package includes a Rapco XLR to 1/4" 20 ft. high-impedance mic cable for plenty of length to plug directly into your harmonica amp, guitar amp or PA system.
Lee Oskar Repair Kit Lee Oskar Repair and Maintenance Kit- Harmonica maintenance is an important part of harmonica playing. Whether you are adjusting the "gap" of the reeds to make your harmonica "stick" less, or whether you are retuning reeds to get them in tune with each other (see the Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner), or even creating your own "alternate tuned" harmonica, the Lee Oskar 7-piece tool kit and 16-page illustrated manual is the way to go. This kit will also work with all Hohner diatonic and chromatic harmonicas (although you may need a small flathead screwdriver in addition to the Phillips head screwdriver included in the kit).
Buy harmonica holder Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder- Specially designed for any and all standard 10-hole harmonicas. Spring loaded holder for fast harmonica changes. Light-weight and easy to use. Our Thoughts: Although this neck rack is not as solid as some of the others, it may be the best of the bunch. It is made specifically for standard 10-hole diatonics, but there is enough space in the tray so that you are able to slide the harmonica over to the right by about 1 inch for better positioning when playing in the 2nd Position. If you desire to, you are able to bend in the thin metal bars on both sides (in towards your mouth) so that the angle of the harmonica is in a better place to focus the airflow straight through the holes (the sturdier models out there can't be bent this way). Also, the design of the tray holds the harmonica securely but still leaves plenty of room to get the harmonica into your mouth for better tone production.
Buy harmonica belt Hohner Harmonica Belt- No more fumbling for the right key. Provides quick, easy access to 6 harmonicas ands helps organize different keys during performance. Made of strong vinyl with six stretch pockets, a cushioned back and a side quick-release buckle. Fits waists from 29' to 48'. Our thoughts: Not everyone's style, but does provide easy access when playing or jamming.
Harmonica Lessons.com t-shirt *No.1 T-shirt choice
"Playin' the Blues"- Harmonica Lessons.com T-shirt - High quality, heavy weight Hanes "Beefy-T" black t-shirt. The "Playing the Blues" shirt is imprinted with the Harmonica Lessons.com logo and the slogan with the "Almost Blues Scale" notes printed directly below it. Clothes you can play along to, who'd have thunk it??

Available sizes: Med, Large, X-Large, XXLarge
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Lee Oskar Major Diatonic

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Suzuki Manji Wood/Resin Diatonic

Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica

Seydel Saxony Chromatic Harmonica

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Two 1-on-1 Skype Harmonica Lessons | Instruction Book | Lee Oskar Harmonica Combo

Lee Oskar
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Suzuki Manji Package
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12 keys Lee Oskar Major Harmonicas

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"Harmonica: Beginners Start Here"
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