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Pignose Hog 10 Practice Amp | with Headphone Jack (7-100)

Pignose Hog 10 Practice Amp | with Headphone Jack (7-100) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $104.95
List Price: $124.95       You Save: $20.00

Ideal practice or first amp! Packed with separate volume, treble and bass controls and headphone jack (so you don't bother the neighbors). 10 watts of power.

*Because of this item's size and weight, $10 has already been built-into the price for additional shipping cost. This does not include our standard flat rate shipping fee.

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Blues Blaster Hohner Harmonica Mic and Cable (1490)

Price: $0.00

  Hohner Hoodoo 5W Harmonica/Harp Tube Amplifier (HHB5T)

Price: $336.95

  NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner Hoodoo Hand Wireless Harmonica Mic System (HH1L)

Price: $0.00

  Harmonica Phone Lesson (with Dave Gage of HarmonicaLessons.com)

Price: $45.00

  Pignose Hog 20 Watt Amp | with Rechargeable Battery (7-200)

Price: $149.95

  Nady Bushman Torpedo Vocal-Harmonica-Harp Mic (VHM-7)

Price: $99.95