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Hohner Deluxe Super Chromonica 12-hole (7540C)

Hohner Deluxe Super Chromonica 12-hole (7540C) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $269.95

List Price: $350.00       You Save: $80.05

Key of C only. A chromatic harmonica for left-handed or right-handed players (accomplished by switching around the slide assembly). The deluxe version of the traditional 12-hole #270 Super Chromonica has set another milestone in the manufacturing of top quality wood-bodied chromatic harmonicas (this is the chromatic version of the Marine Band Deluxe upgrade--link below). The pearwood comb has been lightly varnished which should help in reducing comb swelling and warping over the years. Improved round hole mouthpiece and better slide assembly that can be reversed for use by lefties. Screwed in reedplates make servicing easier.

The Chromonica Deluxe incorporates a variety of improvements on the original classic 270 design, which optimize handling and ensure greater volume and faster response, while retaining the rich and powerful Hohner classic sound. It is the ideal harmonica for established chromatic harmonica styles and also well suited to more contemporary techniques. 12 holes, 3 complete octaves, hole 1 is "middle C".

  • Assembled with 5 reed plate screws to maximize airtightness and facilitate maintenance.

  • Chrome plated mouthpiece featuring round holes for greater playing comfort (will also fit the standard Chromonica 270/48 and Toots' harmonicas).

  • Extra thick brass reedplates (1.2 mm) for a full, powerful sound.

  • Smooth and silent slide mechanism.

  • Natural finished pearwood body with rounded edges for improved ergonomics.

  • The slide assembly can be installed for left-handed use.

  • Stainless steel cover plates (great for those with nickel allergies).

  • Reeds: 48

  • Reed plate: Brass; 1.2 mm

  • Comb: Pearwood

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