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Hohner 12-hole Marine Band (octave low 364C)

Hohner 12-hole Marine Band (octave low 364C) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $69.95
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List Price: $81.00       You Save: $11.05

This is not your standard Marine Band harmonica. It is a complete octave lower than the normal 10-hole variety. Although it comes in "C", "D", and "G", stick with the key of "C" (i.e. the key of "G" model is not an octave lower than a standard "G" diatonic—the key of "D" is a special order, but also an octave lower like the "C").

Dave Gage Review: This harmonica in "C" was used on occasion by Sonny Boy Williamson II on tunes like "Bye Bye Bird" and others. We like it a lot for practicing scales and bending. It's like jogging with ankle weights on, it helps increase your power and endurance. It also makes a great rhythm instrument when jamming with another player using a standard key of "C" harmonica. The 14-hole #365 is also available, but you will most likely never miss the last two holes. Save the extra bucks.

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