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Hohner CX-12 Jazz Chromatic Harp (7545JC)

Hohner CX-12 Jazz Chromatic Harp (7545JC) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $472.95

Total List Price: $573.00       You Save: $100.05

The unique design concept of the original CX-12 chromatic harmonica has stood for the successful combination of traditional craftsmanship with state of the art manufacturing technology. The narrower mouthpiece, manufactured according to modern ergonomic principles, allows the player to get a tighter lip seal for faster speed and response. The slightly higher reed offsets produce a dynamic and powerful sound with plenty of drive. These additional modifications to the mouthpiece increase playing comfort and make the new CX-12 "Jazz" model ideal for jazz, rock, soul, funk, pop, or any music you play, but will undoubtedly also appeal to the blues chromatic player.

If you desire a CX12 type chromatic harmonica, but with thicker reed plates for more volume and power, take a look at the Hohner CX-12 Gold model.

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