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Hohner Chromonica 64 Harmonica 16-hole (280C)

Hohner Chromonica 64 Harmonica 16-hole (280C) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $279.95

List Price: $381.00       You Save: $101.05

Key of "C", 16 holes, 4 complete octaves, hole 5 is "middle C". If you just got to have that Stevie Wonder or "Little Walter 3rd Position Chicago Blues" chromatic sound (also used by Kim Wilson, Rod Piazza, Junior Wells, and others), this is the one for you or the Super 64 or Super 64X (links below). It has an additional lower octave compared to the standard 12 hole chromatics. The comb is made of plastic, and the reed plates are brass, and are 1.05mm. Comes in a protective plastic case.

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