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Hohner 365-SBS Steve Baker Special Harmonica (365SBS)

Hohner 365-SBS Steve Baker Special Harmonica (365SBS) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $101.00
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List Price: $122.00       You Save: $21.00

This specialized tuning for the Hohner 365SBS was developed by Steve Baker, Hohner Germany's diatonic harmonica consultant. The 14-hole tuning extends the range of the bendable draw notes while retaining their familiar blues configuration. The SBS enables the first 9 draw notes (over a 2-octave range) to be bent using the same method used when playing a standard-tuned diatonic.

Be sure to use the "Choose Key:" pull-down menu to select your key. Return to this page to add additional keys to your order.

This item is available through special order and may add 2-4 weeks to normal shipment time.

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