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NO LONGER AVAILABLE | 48 Translucent Kids-Party Harmonicas in a Display Jar (CCH48)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE | 48 Translucent Kids-Party Harmonicas in a Display Jar (CCH48) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $0.00


Sorry, but we are permanently out of stock &
will not be receiving more.

* See below for similar items.

SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | These harmonicas come in blue, red, green and yellow colors. These kids/party plastic harmonicas are surprisingly good quality for the price, and are a great way to introduce kids or a group of absolute beginners to the harmonica.

Dave Gage Thoughts: At a little over $3 per harmonica, you can't go wrong. Perfect for school classrooms, parties, conventions, church groups, company picnics, and informal group harmonica instruction. There are cheap harmonicas that sell in the $10-$15 range that do not play any better than these multi-colored wonders. Fun for everyone!

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