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Other Instruments: Concertinas

Concertinas- If you decide to expand into the world of music with an instrument other than the harmonica, here are some good quality choices to consider for yourself or even as a gift for another. If you can get the folks around you playing music also, they won't be so annoyed at your incessant practicing. Oh yeah, if you get 'em going on keyboards or guitar, you'll have an instant jamming buddy.

Buy Hohner Concertina Hohner D40 Concertina - The perfect instrument for roots music. Folk musicians have favored concertinas since the mid-1800s for their low cost, portability...
Buy 20-Button Concertina 20-Button Concertina Squeeze Box - This 20 button, two-row concertina is perfect for the beginning player. Anglo-model squeezebox with 2-1/2 octave range...
Buy Concertina Stand Manhasset M52C Voyager Concertina Stand - For years, traveling musicians have tried to find the stability of the Manhasset stands in a portable, folding stand. The Model 52C Voyager Concertina Stand is the perfect answer...
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