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Band Instruments: Flutes

Flutes- Joinin' the Band? Get started or upgrade your instrument with some of our selections.

Jupiter 511RBSO Deluxe Standard Flute Jupiter 511RBSO Deluxe Standard Flute- "Key of C. Open-hole model, offset G, B footjoint, silver-plated nickel silver body. Includes molded case. Jupiter 511RBSO Deluxe Standard Flute Features: Key of C, Open-hole model, Offset G, B footjoint, Silver-plated nickel silver body, Molded case."
Jupiter 511RBS Deluxe Standard Flute Jupiter 511RBS Deluxe Standard Flute - "Inexpensive yet loaded with advanced features. This open-hole model features a silverplated body, keys, and headjoint with ribbed construction, in-line G, plus B foot and gizmo keys. Includes French case and cover, silk weave cleaning cloth, flute plugs, and wood cleaning rod. An excellent alternative to renting an instrument. Order today!"
Yamaha YFL-321 Intermediate Flute Yamaha YFL-321 Intermediate Flute - "An affordable step-up model with advanced design. Key of C. Plateau model, offset G. Includes YAC-1310 case. This Yamaha Intermediate flute offers the durability of standard flutes yet produces a greater tone resonance. It features an improved scale for better intonation as well as an undercut and beveled embouchure hole for a clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation. It has been been improved with the following features: a stronger post design to prevent bending of the posts, easily accessible adjustment screws, an improved adjustment screw material and a body marking for proper positioning of the footjoint. It features a sterling silver headjoint; silverplated nickel silver body, footjoint, and keys; and neoprenebumpers."
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Package Deals:
Bob Dylan Pack: Harmonica, Books, Holder)

Lee Oskar
Diatonic Harps:
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Hohner Special 20 Package
(5 keys/case)

4-Harmonica Beginner Quick Start Kit

Beginner Book:
"Harmonica: Beginners Start Here"
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Blues Blaster Harmonica Mic w/cable

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