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Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas

Hohner Chromatic- The chromatic harmonica has a button on the side, which when not pressed in, allows you to play a normal major scale, and with the button depressed, gives you all the missing half-step notes in-between the major scale notes. This allows you to play in any key and any type of scale. It is typically used in jazz and classical music, but is found in all styles of music. Bending doesn't work nearly as well on the chromatic as it does on the diatonic harmonica and is used more for a "bending effect". In most cases, you will be doing good to bend a note a half-step down

Hohner Deluxe Super Chromonica 12-hole Hohner Deluxe Super Chromonica 12-hole- Key of C only. A chromatic harmonica for left-handed or right-handed players (accomplished by switching around the slide assembly). Thicker reed plates than the standard #270 gives you more volume and power. The deluxe version of the traditional 12-hole #270 Super Chromonica has set another milestone...
Buy Hohner #270 harmonica Hohner #270 Chromonica- Many, many pros use this exact model or a slight variation of it. It is hard to beat the quality and price of this harmonica. Although it comes in different keys, you will most likely want to stick...
Buy CX-12 chromatic Hohner CX-12 Chromatic Harmonica- For the average or beginning player, this chromatic is a dream. Easy to play and great volume. The CX-12 is a slightly different type model for Hohner with it's plastic construction and ease of disassembly for cleaning and repair....
Hohner 7584 Super 64X Harmonica Hohner Super 64X Chromatic Harmonica- 16 holes, 4 complete octaves, hole 5 is "middle C". A top quality chromatic, this harmonica's clear acrylic body with gold-plated slide assembly and double thick reedplates...

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Chromatic Harmonica Lessons, Songs, Scales, Techniques (website instruction)- Our sister-website: 45+ hrs Video Instruction | Attend up to 12 Online Classes Each Month | Chromatic Beginners thru Advanced -- Learn 24/7 -- Review video lessons as many times as you want. Learn to Jam/Play Blues Harmonica | 190 Most Popular, Requested Songs & Tabs. Click here to Learn More.
Buy Hohner 7545G CX-12 Gold Chromatic Harmonica Hohner CX-12 "Gold" Chromatic Harmonica- Thicker reed plates on this CX-12 Gold vs. the standard CX-12 model help create better tone and volume for players of all levels. A revolutionary design feature...
Buy Hohner #280 Chromonica Hohner #280 Chromonica 64- 16 holes, 4 complete octaves, hole 5 is "middle C". If you just got to have that "Little Walter 3rd position Chicago Blues" chromatic sound (also used by Kim Wilson, Rod Piazza, Junior Wells, and others)...
Hohner 7582/64 Super 64 Chrome Harmonica Hohner Super 64 Chromatic Harmonica- Key of "C", 16 holes, 4 complete octaves, hole 5 is "middle C". Similar in construction and specifications to the 280 model, the Super 64 features a silver-plated mouthpiece...
Buy Hohner Toot's Hard Bopper Chromatic (12-holes) Hohner Toot's Hard Bopper Chromatic (12-holes)- "C" major wood body chromatic harmonica. Solo tuned, with slide. The Hard Bopper, developed in collaboration with renowned jazz harmonicist Toots Thielemans...
Buy Larry Adler Chromatic Harmonica Larry Adler Chromatic Harmonica- A very classical chromonica series, played - amongst others - by Larry Adler, one of the greatest harmonica virtuosos of all time. Excellent response and full sound.
Buy Larry Adler Chromatic Harmonica Larry Adler Professional 16 Hole Chromatic Harmonica- The man who brought legitimacy to the harmonica as a true musical instrument put his mark of approval on these chromatics. The late virtuoso Larry Adler's spirit lives on every time someone plays one of his Hohner signature models. The Hohner 7574 is similar in configuration to the (16 hole) 64 Chromonica, while the Hohner 7534 is like the (12 hole) Super Chromonica.
Buy Hohner 7545G CX-12 Gold Chromatic Harmonica Hohner CX-12 "Jazz" Chromatic Harmonica- The unique design concept of the CX-12 chromatic has stood for the successful combination of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing...
Hohner Amadeus Chromatic Harmonica Hohner Amadeus Chromatic Harmonica- Handmade in Germany using all of the best materials and craftsmanship. Each individual part is tested before being assembled into this superb professional level instrument. The 12-hole Amadeus has...
Buy Hohner Koch Chromatic Hohner Koch Chromatic- An oddly tuned chromatic-diatonic hybrid. Note layout is the same as a standard 10 hole diatonic (commonly referred to as the Richter tuning). Deeper bends are possible on this instrument unlike the typical chromatic. There are no windsaver valves like most chromatics...
Buy Hohner Silver Concerto Chromatic Harmonica Hohner Silver Concerto Chromatic Harmonica- The ultimate chromatic harmonica - first class instrument for classical concert soloists. Body is milled from 92.5% sterling silver, silver plated mouthpiece...
Buy Hohner Meisterklasse Chromatic Harmonica Hohner Meisterklasse Chromatic Harmonica- This fine 14-hole chromatic instrument features a milled aluminum body, precision engineered...
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