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Mics and Amps

Everything you need to get out and play with other amplified instruments. Use the links below or the links in the upper left column to navigate the "Mics and Amps" sub-categories.

Microphones & Pickups
Electronic Effects

Hohner Hoodoo 5W Harmonica Tube Amp
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Hohner Hoodoo 5W Harmonica Tube Amp- The Hoodoo Box is a 5-watt, Class A, hand-wired tube amp combo designed especially for harmonica players. Built from the ground up to produce the fat, distorted tones that are the cornerstone of the electric blues harp sound, it is equipped with a single EL84 power tube...
Buy Hohner Blues Mic
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Blues Blaster Harmonica Mic w/ Cable Package- This is one of the standards and favorites of blues harmonica players (especially Chicago Blues stylists). Unlike some of the other microphones available for harmonica players, this mic comes complete with a volume control for better on stage volume control. This mic/cable package includes a Rapco XLR to 1/4" 20 ft. high-impedance mic cable for plenty of length to plug directly into your harmonica amp, guitar amp or PA system.
Hohner Hoodoo Hand Harmonica Wireless Microphone System
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Hohner Hoodoo Hand Harmonica Wireless Microphone System- The Hoodoo Hand system allows you to use your natural hand cupping and playing techniques while eliminating the need to deal with bulky bullet-style wired microphones that have traditionally been the primary choice for live performance among...
Shaker Madcat Harmonica Mic Jack
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Shaker Madcat Harmonica Mic- "The Madcat is a miniature, handmade mic made expressly for the harp player. It cups easily in the hand letting you produce very natural wah-wah sounds while putting the lid on the harp player's biggest enemy...
LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier
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LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier | Clean Acoustic Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals- A 200-watt, 2 channel acoustic guitar combo amp. An excellent sounding amplifier which doubles as a small PA system for the solo performer. Perfect for the singer-songwriter, guitar playing, neck rack harmonica playing musician (or any combination there of)...
Fender 65 Twin Reverb Amp Contact Us about a Fender Harmonica Amp- "We don't sell the Fender line of professional harmonica and guitar amplifiers directly, but we would be happy to offer suggestions as to what to buy and where to get the best price. Please click here and use our Contact Page to send us an email with your questions."

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