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About "Fake" Books (NOT specifically for harmonica)- A "fake" book contains songs written in a concise format that includes only the melody and chords which can be used and read by all instruments. This allows you to interpret the song's performance as you feel is appropriate. You must be able to read music and chord notation to use "Fake" books (see the Harmonica Song Books and Tab Books for easy-to-read harmonica notation). This is great for quickly learning songs by yourself or with an ensemble. Each song in a fake book only has a single melody actually written out in notes, which is usually the vocal or lead melody. This melody will have the lyrics written beneath the notes, with each word aligned to its corresponding note. Above the notes of the melody will appear the names of the appropriate chords to play - for example, a "C minor" chord would be written as "Cmin" or Cm", rather than writing out all of the notes in those chords as they appeared in the original version of the song. This format is very compact, which is why you will often see "fake" books containing 500 or more songs."

Buy Dylan Songbook Bob Dylan - the Definitive Dylan Songbook- (Fake book for voice and guitar) "The complete songbook from the greatest singer/songwriter of all time. Now with every song together in one giant volume, the ultimate Dylan songbook...
Buy Elvis fake book The Elvis Fake Book - "Includes melody lines, lyrics and chord symbols for 200 songs recorded by the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley: All Shook Up, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Blue Christmas, Can't Help Falling in Love, Girls! Girls! Girls!...
Buy Christmas fake book The Easy Christmas Fake Book - "The latest addition to our popular Easy Fake Book series, which features large, easy-to-read notation, simplified harmonies and melodies, lyrics, and all songs in the key of C. This Christmas collection...
Buy Blues fake bookThe Blues Fake Book- "The most comprehensive single-volume blues publication ever, with songs spanning the entire history of the genre. Every major blues artist is well-represented, including Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Billie Holiday, Leadbelly...
Buy Country fake book The Ultimate Country Fake Book - 5th Edition - "This 5th edition includes even more of your favorite country hits - over 700 songs by country superstars...
Buy folk fake book The Folksong Fake Book - C Edition - "The ultimate collection of over 1,000 folksongs perfect for performers, school teachers, and hobbyists. This book includes a huge variety of songs spanning hundreds of years and originating from America, England, Canada, Britain, Scotland...
Buy Jazz fake book The Hal Leonard Real Jazz Standards Fake Book - C Edition - "This magnificent compilation contains the melody lines, lyrics and chords for more than 240 jazz standards in authentic, easy-to-read, hand-written engravings...
Buy Jazz fake book The Hal Leonard Real Jazz Fake Book - C Edition - "A unique, comprehensive collection of jazz material in a wide range of styles, with no song duplication...
Buy Broadway fake bookThe Ultimate Broadway Fake Book - Over 720 songs from over 240 Broadway shows! Recently revised to include hits from Martin Guerre, Rent, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Sunset Boulevard...
Buy Disney fake book The Disney Fake Book (2nd Ed.) - "This sensational second edition has been updated with music from all of the Disney hits of the last five years, such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan...
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